Aftermath of Hurricane Irma – Sep 10, 2017

Here are some pics captured the day after Irma hit Orange Blossom Fellowship Community.  God was so good and spared our little park with minor damages compared to the surrounding areas.  We are blessed.

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You go Sandra!!!!!

Fisher(woman) Sandra Boulineau has been on a roll reeling in some of our tilapia.  The first one she caught was a 24″er and this last one came in at 17″.  By the looks of the final product on the plate it looks pretty yummy to me!

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Unwelcome Gator Invasion

Well there’s alway some kind of excitement here in the park.  A few weeks ago this guy showed but was removed two days later.  Unfortunately he did some duck damage and we animal lovers didn’t take too kindly to that.  The big one in the box was another one that was caught elsewhere, thank goodness, but he was 9′.  Ours was 5’2″.

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